3D Printing... For Teeth?

3D Printing… For Teeth?

You have seen 3D printers print off cool Yoda figurines, phone gadgets, or mini buildings, but did you know they can also build teeth by 3D printing teeth? Our team is always looking for innovative ways to continue building our practice and helping patients get their best smiles. Three Sixty Dentistry is able to use 3D advancements to capture your smile in our lab. Recently, one of our 3D-printed images was featured in a Forbes article, displayed as one of the ways you can use 3D printing to your advantage.

The use of the NextDent 5100 printer at our lab allows us to cut down the time an individual spends in the office and get an exact casting of each person’s teeth. We simply scan your teeth, download the scan into our software and create models of your teeth. These are then used to evaluate and determine a course of treatment. It can not only help us decide what is best for your smile but help us prep for surgery.

With multiple printing materials and options, we can cut multiple visits down to just two or three visits to our office, which means more time for you out of the dental chair. Our goal is to soon use 3D printing to print out restorative ceramics like dentures, dental bridges or dental implants.

To read more about our feature in Forbes magazine, please click here.

If you have questions about how 3D printing can benefit you, give our team a call today!

The 3-D Printing Revolution In Dentistry Is Already HappeningAdditive manufacturing is already making things easier, more efficient and more affordable in the dental world. And there’s a lot more to come.www.forbes.com

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