4 Steps to Your New Smile!

Unlock Your New Smile with These 4 Steps!

1st Visit: BEFORE

Your cosmetic dentist will take photos and models of your teeth to develop your ideal plan.  It is helpful if you bring photos of teeth that you like to your appointment.  It can also be useful to bring photos of teeth that you don’t like too.

1st Visit: Before Your Smile Upgrade


Your cosmetic dentist will prepare your teeth as minimally as possible.  With the the proper planning (a.k.a. a diagnostic waxup) some teeth may not even need to be reshaped or shortened.  You will leave that day with temporaries/provisionals to try out your new smile.  

2nd Visit: Provisional Teeth


Your Cosmetic Dentist should see you about 1 week after.  Since you have had a chance to smile, talk, critique, and adjust to your new smile you can now provide critical feedback on the color and the specific shape of your teeth.  Changes can be made directly to your provisionals and then copied and sent to the lab.  This is a critical step to ensure the porcelain you get from the lab is the same length and overall shape as what you have approved in your mouth.

4th Visit: YOUR NEW SMILE!

The final porcelain should be tried in and approved.  If not, SEND IT BACK until it is correct.  Once everything is perfect, the new restorations can be bonded to your natural teeth and you have a brand new smile!  It is recommended to have a retainer or nightguard covering your new teeth to protect it at night.

4th Visit: Your New Smile!
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