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Many of our patients want to take care of their teeth and brush regularly, but find it difficult to habitually floss their teeth. In recent years, certain water flossers, in particular the Waterpik® brand of water flossers, have caught up to regular floss in their cleaning efficiency and far surpassed them in convenience. There are many advantages of Waterpik® flossers.

Waterpik® Water Flossers work by pulsing a narrow stream of water between your teeth. It compresses and relaxes the stream, in an action that very effectively dislodges and washes away food particles, plaque, and bacteria. One study has shown that using a Waterpik® with a regular toothbrush is significantly more effective than using a toothbrush and normal floss.

Waterpik® flossers aren’t only good for flossing. They are incredibly effective at removing bacteria that causes gingivitis. The pulsing action is very effective in removing this bacteria, even in the pockets often formed by gum disease.

Another thing that Waterpik does exceptionally well is make flossing around orthodontic appliances much easier. The wires that rearrange your teeth make cleaning between them very difficult, but water flossers such as Waterpik® have no problem with it.

If Dr. Brian T. Edwards, DDS feels that you would greatly benefit from a Waterpick® Water Flosser, you may be able to qualify to have the cost of one covered by your FSA, HRA, or HAS.

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