Elementary School Exam, Cleaning, and Xrays for $36!

In celebration of our practice name, Three Sixty Dentistry and my oldest son entering Kindergarten, we would like to offer any child a $36.00 exam and cleaning for school enrollment!  Christy, our terrific Registered Dental Hygienist, will perform the teeth cleaning and Dr. Edwards will perform the dental exam.  If any X-rays are needed, those… Read more »

Foods That Threaten Your Teeth and Smile

Did you know sticky and chewy foods are hazardous to your oral health? Well, it’s true! When most people think of sticky and chewy foods, gummy worms, sour candies, gum, and taffy treats come to mind. However, did you know that any sticky and chewy food with sugar can be hazardous to your oral health?… Read more »

High Reviews for High-Quality Service

Here at Three Sixty Dentistry, Dr. Brian Edwards has always made it a top priority to provide the highest quality of care and services to his patients. As a result, his patients have had amazing care and success with their treatments leaving positive reviews behind. With so many positive reviews and results, Yelp has now… Read more »

The Right Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

There’s no more vital time to eat right than when you’re expectant, since what you eat can greatly impact the health of your growing baby. By consuming the right kinds of foods, you will help your baby grow stronger, healthier teeth. You can use the tips below to ensure your food choices are the right… Read more »

Transform your smile with Dr. Edwards chairside bonding!

After: This direct bonding result was achieved with one visit after proper planning. Before:  Dr. Edwards patient’s main concern was his uneven smile and spacing.   Here are a couple of steps taken to achieve ideal results with direct bonding: It is important to have the bite evaluated to make sure the white bondings last. A mockup… Read more »

Best Dental “Insurance” You Can Buy

Check out our Video Blog here!

7 Methods for Keeping Your Child Calm at the Dentist’s Office

Nervous about how your child might act at their next dentist’s appointment? Here are seven tips to help ease your mind about minding manners. -Make sure your child gets a great night’s sleep before their appointment. A sleepy child is going to be a cranky child, so try to make sure your child is well… Read more »

And the Contest Winner is……….

Thank you to everyone who participated in our fun “Bunny Head” picture contest! FIRST PLACE WINNER!!!! SECOND PLACE THIRD PLACE

Silly Easter Photo Contest!

Happy Easter! Here at Three Sixty Dentistry, we love getting into the spirit of this fun holiday. This year, Rose’s mom made a fantastic bunny head mask. We invite all to come into our office and have a photo taken wearing the bunny head. Strike your funniest pose when you have your photoshoot because the… Read more »

Incredible Smile Transformation by Brian Edwards, DDS

What an amazing result Dr. Edwards was able to provide our wonderful patient!  After careful planning and attention to detail, this life-changing rehabilitation is now complete!   (Please note: all dental work is performed by Brian Edwards, DDS.  All images are copyrighted and must ask for permission before using.)