Foods That Threaten Your Teeth and Smile

Foods That Threaten Your Teeth and Smile

Did you know sticky and chewy foods are hazardous to your oral health? Well, it’s true! When most people think of sticky and chewy foods, gummy worms, sour candies, gum, and taffy treats come to mind. However, did you know that any sticky and chewy food with sugar can be hazardous to your oral health? Well, it’s true! In fact, most people do not know how dangerous they are, which is why our office at Three Sixty Dentistry is happy to explain facts about these items and about bad food for teeth.

Your teeth are made up of enamel and have curves and grooves on the top of your teeth. When you eat sticky or chewy foods, these substances can stick to inside the grooves of your teeth or between them and cause dental cavities. To take it a step further, sour candies, for example, have many popular brands with a pH level that is very close to battery acid, making them highly acidic and corrosive to your teeth. That shows how dangerous they are for your teeth and overall health.

If you are the kind of person who loves chewing gum and sweets, try sugarless gum and treats to help you stay healthy and your teeth stay in beautiful health. Keeping up with your brushing and flossing habits will also help you fight off cavities and gum disease that can threaten your oral health.

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