Kids Need Dentists Too

Kids Need Dentists Too

Many parents don’t often think about how cavities can affect their small children.

However, it’s important to realize that when a child receives their first tooth, brushing habits should begin right away.

Even though children lose their baby teeth, there gums still need to stay in positive oral health. That is why here at Three Sixty Dentistry we are proud to announce we offer dental care to children, as well as their parents.

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Why Kids Need Dentists: Starting Dental Care Early

According to the American Dental Association, when your child receives their first tooth, this is means it’s time for them to meet the dentist. By teaching your child the importance of oral health early, this will guide them down a path of positive health throughout their lifetime.

Avoiding cavities is great; however, to do that, your children need to learn the proper care and treatment for their teeth. Teaching children how to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day can help their smiles stay healthy, clean, and strong.

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy is no easy task with candy and soda easily within their grasp, especially with Halloween crawling around the corner. However, if you teach your children about the dangers of too much sugar while they are young, your children will keep from forming bad habits in the first place.

Children at the dentists office. Kids Need Dentists for Dental Care Early

Book Your Child’s Dental Appointment Today

So, call our dental office today and schedule an appointment so your child’s smile can only grow more bright and beautiful with their new healthy habits.

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