Oral Health Care Damage Control: Bruxism

Oral Health Care Damage Control: Bruxism

Ranking your oral health care often depends on checking for any underlying disorders that may be present. This includes the presence of conditions such as bruxism. Bruxism is an oral health disorder in which you tend to grind or gnash your teeth while sleeping. This can lead to damage to your teeth, gums, cheeks, and jawbone.

If you are suffering from bruxism, it is important to check the symptoms to see if any damage has already occurred.

If you notice any signs of worn teeth that are chipped and cracked with no other reasonable explanation, it could be the result of bruxism.

Other common factors include flat teeth, cheek tissue damage, as well as the presence of a locked jaw that won’t fully open and close.

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Sensations associated with symptoms in your body including discomforts and pains can be often be attributed to bruxism. This includes jaw and face pain, earaches and headaches, sore jaw muscles, and irregular indentations on your tongue. If you do believe you are suffering from bruxism, visit your dentist for an oral examination to receive the proper treatment.

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