Preventing Tooth Decay

Preventing Tooth Decay

Did you know, teeth have a protective outer layer called enamel? It’s true! Tooth enamel is harder than your natural bones and protects your tooth much like a football helmet. However, despite the strength of your tooth enamel, it does need proper care and protection from foods or drinks with high acids or sugars because they eat away your tooth enamel leaving your teeth unprotected and in danger of cavities.

Cavities are caused by bacteria from these foods and drinks with high acids and sugars which causes decay in your teeth.

Did you know, without intervention, bacteria in your mouth can double every five hours? This puts your teeth in harm’s way when they are not properly cared for.

Luckily, there are things you can do to stop the rot and decay from harming your teeth. This includes brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least daily. We can assist you with preventing tooth decay.

The truth is, sugar is highly addictive and placed in most of our foods and drinks we can buy at the store. But avoiding foods high in sugar and acids, we can protect our teeth, keeping them safe from cavities and harm.

As our tooth enamel works hard to protect us, we can help protect our teeth with proper oral hygiene and regular checkups with Dr. Brian Edwards located in Santa Clarita, California.

If a cavity is caught early, you can save your smile from pain and harm a cavity could bring.

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