Fluoride Treatment

You can benefit from nature’s cavity fighter when you see our dentists for a fluoride treatment in Newhall, California. Dr. Brian Edwards, DDS, Dr. Amanda Jenney, and Dr. Stephanie Colletta, our dentists, will apply the fluoride mineral to your teeth in order to prevent decay, strengthen the enamel, and even reverse cavities in their early stages. We invite you to visit the office of Three Sixty Dentistry to improve your dental health with a fluoride treatment.
Three Sixty Dentistry Fluoride Treatment
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What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally found in water and many foods. While you receive a certain amount of fluoride from your diet and from using toothpaste with fluoride, we may recommend fluoride treatment to further strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities.

Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth and protect them from tooth decay. As you eat and drink throughout the day, bacteria, sugars, and acids constantly attack and demineralize the enamel layer of your teeth.

How does Fluoride Treatment work:

Fluoride works in the following ways:
To remineralize the tooth enamel
Preventing tooth decay
Preventing cavities
In addition, fluoride can strengthen the teeth as they develop to make sure they are strong and healthy, making fluoride very important for children as their teeth grow in.
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Happy Fluoride Treatment Smiles

Take A Look At These Before & After Client Results
Beautiful Healthy Smile After Fluoride Treatment
Beautiful Healthy Smile After Fluoride Treatment
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What can you expect In Your Fluoride Treatment Visit?

Our dentists often recommends professional fluoride treatment during your regular dental checkup, and we may suggest further fluoride treatment if your teeth are prone to decay or if you are not receiving a sufficient amount of fluoride from other sources.

Professional fluoride is available in the form of a gel, varnish, or foam. Fluoride treatment is just one of the ways our dentists helps you keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.

For more information about preventive dentistry and the benefits of fluoride, we welcome you to contact us today. We are eager to care for your smile!
Even though I’ve moved to Arizona now, I still coordinate a cleaning with Christy and exam with Dr. Brian, my favorite dental office – Three Sixty Dental!
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Nancy Emerson
The whole staff is very sweet including Dr Edwards. First time in a long time I actually don’t mind going to dentist. Overall always a great experience.
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Kim Parkinson
I always loved Dr. Goodrick and was hesitant about the new dentist. Dr. Brian is fabulous. The same wonderful service and great communication. I feel like my teeth are still in great hands. Thank you!
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Janine Terrazas
Everyone was so kind and so thorough. They really made the effort to explain every process. I’ve never felt this comfortable at the dentist before!
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Tiffany Giordano
They spent 2 hours with me on my first appointment… Two hours! Everyone I met was incredibly caring, helpful, informative, and interested. Looking forward to my next visit.
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A wonderful office & a very friendly office staff! Very thorough to take care of your personal needs. Highly recommend Three Sixty & Dr Edwards.
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Phil Berlioz
This has been my go-to team for health and beauty for years, and the team continues to surpass expectation. I am so grateful for the miracles they perform. And they are all wonderful people!
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Rosa T
Great dental office. Very professional, capable and well run. Taylor is an amazing dental hygienist. Love them all.
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Bobbie Fernald

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