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Dr. Brian Edwards, DDS, Dr. Amanda Jenney, and Dr. Stephanie Colletta can in Santa Clarita, California. At Three Sixty Dentistry, we recognize, accordingly, that prevention is the critical key to good health and hence, we provide comprehensive oral cancer screening services. It is your health that is our top consideration. We are therefore adamant on offering personalized service and favoring oral health and wellness in general through caring for your overall health.
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What is Oral Cancer Screening?

It is the examination of the mouth, throat, and neck area for any signs of cancer or precancerous conditions that may be present.

Oral cancer screening is the key part of preventive dentistry which is the discovery of the early signs of oral cancer. The use of high-tech tools like Oral ID from Forward Science is an effective way to access knowledge.

Oral ID is an advanced technology from Forward Science which can be the most effective way of solving the problem. thus, the dentist will conduct a more in-depth exam, which, may entail shining a special light in your mouth, to detect any tissue changes which may not be visible to the naked eye. This new technology is capable of detecting the early signs of cancer or pre-cancerous lesions which will make it possible to intervene and treat the patients early on.

Obviously, dentists are able to detect the abnormal tissue changes in the mouth that can be a sign of oral cancer. The dentist, by a way of a complete examination, checks the mouth, tongue, throat, and other oral tissues for any suspicious lesions or abnormalities. Oral cancer screening is a painless and non-invasive way of examining the oral cavity that can be done during a regular dental check-up.

Our orthodontist may recommend for these benefits:

Oral cancer screening can provide numerous benefits, including:Oral cancer screening can provide numerous benefits, including:
Early detection of oral cancer
Improved chances of successful treatment
Prevention of further complications
Peace of mind for patients
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Happy Oral Cancer Screening Smiles

Take A Look At These Before & After Client Results
Beautiful Healthy Smile After Oral Cancer Screening
Beautiful Healthy Smile After Oral Cancer Screening
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What to Expect from Your Appointment?

At the Three Sixty Dentistry, the oral cancer screening appointment is scheduled and you can be certain that a complete examination will be done by our experienced dental professionals. The process kicks off with a concise talk about your health background and any signs or worries you may have. Afterwards, the dentist will look at the oral cavity, which is the mouth, the lips, the gums, the tongue and the inner cheeks, for any abnormalities or suspicious lesions.

During the screening process, our dentists will be empathetic to your concerns and will provide you with all the necessary information. In case of any of the suspicious areas, further diagnostic tests or consultation with specialists may be needed.

At Three Sixty Dentistry, your oral health and well-being are our top concerns, and we are determined to give you the best standard of care, among them, the oral cancer screening services. Book your screening appointment for today and start living the way of saving your mouth from the painful illnesses.
Dr. Edwards is wonderful! He takes the time to explain anything you need to hear, is skilled and precise, and appreciates my business. Erica, his assistant, was great! I especially like the friendly, professional attitude I get from Diane in the front office. She makes sure our dual coverage goes through and follows up on any issues. She goes above and beyond to help patients! Of course I will miss Dr. Dell, but Dr. Edwards is a fantastic replacement!
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Vanessa S.
Excellent office staff and Brian is very thorough. Just found my new dentist and couldn’t be happier.
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Tony R.
My visit to see Dr. Edwards was terrific! He has a calm and caring attitude, and knowledgable and adept skills. He and his wonderful staff took good care of me, as always.
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Genene S.
Got My New Grill! LOVE MY SMILE! I highly recommend Dr. Dell Goodrick for any dental needs. Both Dr. Dell Goodrick and Dr. Moldovan and team fixed my front teeth. For the longest time I been looking for a dentist who can not only fix my smile but also help me with my dental needs. HE IS AMAZING!!!!
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Janette R.
Dr Edwards office is the best dentist I have been to in a long time. They are very professional and thorough.
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Joshua C.
Dr. Edwards is the BEST! (And I’m picky with dentists). He is young (he is trained on the newest and best dental practices) and his office staff is great too.
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Kelly Morford
Always a great experience here! All pay so much attention to detail and give me the confidence that my teeth are getting the best possible care.
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Paula D
Incredibly friendly and thorough! Today was my first visit and I felt extremely confident in their care. Would recommend to everyone I know!
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Marisa Metcalf
Dr. Edwards, Kristie, Kelly, Kris and Staff are Wonderful!!!! Friendly , Professional and attentive in every way!!!!
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Karen Jordan

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