Oral DNA Saliva Diagnostic Testing

Dr. Brian Edwards, DDS, Dr. Amanda Jenney, and Dr. Stephanie Colletta can assist with your Oral DNA Saliva Diagnostic Testing needs in Santa Clarita, California. Oral DNA Saliva Oral DNA is a highly accurate, non-invasive, and efficient method used for testing a person’s for the presence of the disease.

What is Oral DNA Saliva Diagnostic Testing?

Oral DNA saliva diagnostic testing is a brand-new type of technology that significantly changes the classical ways periodontal disease is diagnosed. The technique of advanced testing is able to analyze the DNA specifically in your saliva. Thus, you get an insight into the species of bacteria present in your oral cavity that cause your periodontal diseases.

This allows for a targeted treatment that efficiently deals with the root cause of your infections. By the simple technique of saliva collection, we can pinpoint the source of the bacteria that cause gum inflammation and infection and then promptly develop a treatment solution that fits you and restores your oral health.

Benefits of Oral DNA Saliva Diagnostic Testing:

The advantages of oral DNA saliva diagnostic testing is as follows,
Identification of bacteria causing periodontal disease
Customized treatment plans for targeted therapy
Improved efficacy of periodontal disease management
Early detection of oral pathogens for proactive intervention

Happy Dental Smiles

Take A Look At These Before & After Client Oral DNA Saliva Diagnostic Testing Results
Beautiful Healthy Smile After Oral DNA Saliva Diagnostic Testing
Beautiful Healthy Smile After Oral DNA Saliva Diagnostic Testing
Happy Dental Client Results

What can you Expect from Your Appointment?

At Three Sixty Dentistry, you will experience a very personalized appointment with a variety of Oral DNA Saliva diagnostic testings. They will meet your dental health care needs and give you a wide array of tests to choose from. As we proceed with your visit, our professional dentists will help you through a consultative procedure that will give us an overview about your dental history as well as the problems that you have to tell us. Then we collect little saliva from you with no pain and in a blink of an eye.
It will be sent  to  a specialized  laboratory  for  analysis  after obtaining a sample. We usually let the mouth images be captured within a few days after which we schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the results in a detailed way. The purpose of our team will be duly satisfying you with the examination and narration of the bacteria in your saliva and how they affect your periodontal health. Using this knowledge we will consult individually with you and will perform a comprehensive study to devise a specific treatment plan that suits your needs.
We, at Three Sixty Dentistry, believe that you, the patient, must be our primary concern, i. e. , we shall make you feel comfortable, free from inconveniences, and well taken-care-of during the test period. We are truly devoted to offering top notch teeth care and you will be in a good position to gain optimal oral health by all means through the additional diagnostic services, which we provide. Today, make because you decide to improve your smile. Contact us to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards a healthier smile.
Im thoroughly impressed by this dentist office! Amazing same very knowledgeable staff and Dr. Brian was phenomenal! He took a lot of time going over everything and come up with a game plan for me! Hygienist was phenomenal as well …I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a teeth cleaning this gentle and smooth I almost fell asleep! (That’s a compliment,lol) Definitely found mine and my family go to dentist.
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Mary Stinson
I switched to Three Sixty Dentistry about a year ago upon recommendations from friends and so glad I did. Last week I had some cavities filled by Dr Edwards. I have needle phobia so was highly anxious about the numbing process. Dr Edwards is incredibly patient and gentle and I didn’t feel a thing! It was the most positive dental procedure I’ve ever experienced. The office personnel are great too! They create a welcoming environment and always tend to particular paperwork needs for my FSA submissions immediately upon request. Love my hygienist Lisa too! Three Sixty Dentistry is a “10” in my book.
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Ann Socher
My experience today at Three Sixty Dental was very pleasant. I really like my Hygienist, Lisa… she’s kind, personable, thorough and talked me through each step. The Dentist, Dr. Edwards also great; he explained at length my next step dental procedure, taking his time not rushing & making the time just for me, which I very much appreciate. Highly recommend!
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J Rich
I have appreciated both my dentist, Dr. Stephanie Colletta, and my hygienist, Lisa, in their “attention to detail,” and efforts toward protecting and preventing the loss of my own teeth! Dialog with a Dentist who cares about the long-term goals of ones oral health is important! Thank YOU helping me keep my teeth.
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Roger Haring
Oh how I love the team at 360 dental. Embarrassed to say it has been over a year since my last visit. The hygienist is so calm, professional, and very knowledgeable. Taking time to make sure my experience was comfortable and definitely understood what I could do between visits to keep my teeth/mouth healthy. 100% would recommend as I have been with Dr Jenny for 9 years now.
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Julie Howard
I have been a patient of Dr Edwards for a few years now. He is friendly, compassionate and very professional. Going to the dentist is not my favorite thing to do but I know I’m in good hands with Dr Edwards and his awesome staff. I absolutely love his hygienist Christy too. Can’t recommend them enough.
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Jennifer Prouty
This was my first time at Three Sixty Dentistry and I have nothing but great things to say about my whole experience. If you live in the area or even live in LA, you should go here for all your dental needs. The front desk receptionist was super sweet and had a great personality. All of the staff were super inviting and professional. My dental hygienist was super knowledgable and we had a great conversation. They really take their time and make sure you are comfortable. I had Dr. Edwards as my dentist today and he was so kind and comforting, literally the nicest man. I usually have anxiety going to doctor appointments but this place made me feel safe and calm. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else!
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Aspen Brito
Great staff from front desk to hygienists; Dr Brian is honest, thorough, and gentle-excellent dentist! Call him, you’ll never be afraid to go to the dentist again. 2023 and the office is still the best! Hygienist,Christy, is the greatest and of course Dr Brian sincerely cares about dental health and how it affects every part of your health. Absolutely love this office , staff, and the care they give!
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Sherrye Ketchepaw
The most up to date equipment and organization of employee roles as possible. Simply explain issues and all done with the warmth of home! Very very impressive group. I saw Dr. Jenny , the dentist and Lisa, the hygienist and all the others were exceptional! Sorry cannot remember all names : front desk, dental assistant and financial /procedural accountant.
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Christina Cooper

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