Scaling & Root Planing

Dr. Brian Edwards, DDS, Dr. Amanda Jenney, and Dr. Stephanie Colletta, our dentist can improve the health of your teeth and gums when you visit them for scaling and root planing in Santa Clarita, California. Our team will scale destructive plaque and tartar from your teeth, and then smooth the teeth roots to prevent the plaque and tartar from sticking again. Improve you oral and overall health by visiting Dr. Brian Edwards, DDS for a scaling and root planing treatment.
Three Sixty Dental Scaling And Root Planing
Dental scaling & root planing

Why is scaling and root planing?

Scaling: In scaling, we remove plaque and tartar (dental calculus) from the tooth surface.

Root Planing: This step involves cleaning the roots of the teeth, smoothing the root to remove bacterial toxins. 

While most scaling and root planing treatments can be completed comfortably without anesthetic, our dentists is happy to offer anesthetic and other comfort options to make certain that you feel at ease during your treatment.

The scaling and root planing treatment may be split up into several appointments, in which we treat one section of the mouth at each appointment.

Goal of scaling and root planing:

The goals of scaling and root planing are:
To remove bacteria
To remove plaque
To remove tartar
To halt the progress of the disease

Happy Dental Smiles

Take A Look At These Before & After Client Scaling & Root Planing Results
Beautiful Healthy Smile After Scaling & Root Planing
Beautiful Healthy Smile After Scaling & Root Planing
Happy Dental Scaling & Root Planing Client Results

What to expect In Your scaling and root planing Visit?

Scaling and root planing may be combined with other types of periodontal therapy, such as antibiotic treatment.

For most patients, scaling and root planing is enough to prevent periodontal disease from progressing further.

For more information about the benefits of scaling and root planing, and to learn more about the other types of periodontal treatment we offer, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
My husband and I both had a wonderful experience! Nice and clean office, staff is very friendly and easy to talk too. We had a cleaning like we haven’t had at any other dentist, would definitely recommend!
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Kayla P.
I recently switched dental offices, after being referred by a friend and hearing good things about Three Sixty Dentistry from a few people. I decided to give it a try and was thoroughly impressed. Dr. Edward’s made me feel extremely comfortable and was thorough at explaining his treatment each step of the way. I am not particularly a fan of going to the dentist. However, after what I felt was a 5 star treatment and pain free, I cannot imagine going any place else. Also, his front office staff are amazing and very accommodating!
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Michele P.
I have been going to Three Sixty Dentistry for the past several years and they never fail to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. They communicate everything very clearly and I appreciate that they make sure that I’m reminded of when my appointments are. I get so comfortable that I actually have fallen asleep most of the times I go, even despite the drilling and other procedures that are usually stressful to most people. I would highly recommend Dr. Edwards and his incredible staff for your dental needs.
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John K.
When you walk into the door, you are instantly relaxed by the atmosphere! Dr. Edwards has a highly trained professional staff who certainly make you comfortable in every way! We moved from Santa Clarita to Ventura, and I still drive back out to 360 Dentistry because I trust the team, and feel calm while in their confident hands. They also have a great dental plan for those without an insurance provider. I highly recommend 360 Dentistry for every aspect of oral care.
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Colene R.
I was with the same Dentist for over thirty years, he lived in our community and we ran into him and his family so much we became friends, but when he retired and faced with the Dentist he sold too it wasn’t the same. So I followed my Hygienist to Dr Edwards office. He is everything your looking for in a Dentist that cares about the person in the chair not just an anonymous open mouth that sends him a check. Dr Edwards takes time with you, his office is friendly and they know YOU not your file right from the first visit. I have found a new home!
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Ted W.
From the moment I walked in the first time I felt welcome! From the front desk staff, to the assistants, hygienists and dentists they each were so friendly and knowledgeable. This office is world class. It was clean and the environment was great. I would recommend this office to everyone!
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C G.
Three Sixty dental is a real jewel for the Santa Clarita Valley, located in Newhall. I went there on 8-20-18 and I was charmed by the friendly staff and such a beautiful office, adorned with waterfalls and forest motif. No kidding! Dr. Brian Edwards gave an examination that surpassed all of my prior dental exams, both in thoroughness and professionalism. I also had a wonderful hygienist where the teeth cleaning experience was painless. The receptionist was wonderful also and made me feel welcomed and valuable. I couldn’t ask for a better Dentist. I highly recommend this place for all your dental needs.
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James W.

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