Ultrasonic Dental cleaning

At the practice of Three Sixty Dentistry, we can improve your dental health by using the latest technology of ultrasonic dental cleaning equipment in Santa Clarita, California. Gum disease can be treated and tartar removed when our dentists, Dr. Brian Edwards, DDS, Dr. Amanda Jenney, and Dr. Stephanie Colletta, and team clean your teeth using an ultrasonic scaler. To learn more about how this device can improve your dental health, call our office today.
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Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Technology at Three Sixty Dentistry

Why Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning?

When the plaque film that collects on teeth hardens over time, it becomes tartar or calculus.

This calcified material cannot be removed with a toothbrush, and if left on the teeth, it can extend under the gum line, infecting it and causing gum disease. When a dentist or dental hygienist cleans teeth, they will scale away tartar from their surface.

At our practice, we use ultrasonic scalers as the latest equipment in the dental field for removing calculus.

Benefits of using Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning:

Ultrasonic dental cleaning scalers use vibrations that can assist in the following ways:
Removes calcified material
Scales away tartar
Cleans under the gum line
Washes away debris
Keeps the area cool
Ultrasonic Dental Technolgy at Three Sixty Dentistry
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What can you expect In Your Ultrasonic Cleaning Visit?

This ultrasonic dental cleaning scaler uses ultrasonic vibrations, or sound waves, to crush and remove tartar from teeth. Our device can clean under the gum line, and it uses water to wash away debris and keep the area cool.

When calculus is removed from teeth, your gums have a chance to heal from gum disease.

Our dentist can improve your gum and tooth health when you visit them for state-of-the-art ultrasonic dental equipment.
This office gets my highest accolades. They have a very friendly attitude and totally zero in on what needs attention. Their equipment is totally up-to-date as are their skill sets. I had a chipped tooth that required some modification and then a filling. It was a little tricky but it was done really well and after some grinding adjustments my mouth closed perfectly, everything matching up as well as it had before. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
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Karen & Walt McKee
The most up to date equipment and organization of employee roles as possible. Simply explain issues and all done with the warmth of home! Very very impressive group. I saw Dr. Jenny , the dentist and Lisa, the hygienist and all the others were exceptional! Sorry cannot remember all names : front desk, dental assistant and financial /procedural accountant.
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Christina Cooper
The only place to go for your dental needs. The staff and Dr. Edward’s are to be commended for their attention to detail. I will not go anywhere else! The dental hygienists are top notch and use the latest in equipment. No pain whatsoever! Love them! Oh and Dr. Edward’s is the best dentist in the Santa Clarita Valley!
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Andrew Hernandez
Best dentist I have ever had! I will never go anywhere else! Best care possible and Dr Edwards followed up personally with me. I recommend him to anyone who hates or fears the dentist, because he will change how you feel. Spa style dentistry with the most advanced, comfortable dental equipment.
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Rob Carreiro
Omg I just had my teeth cleaned by my new dentist and hygienist!!! Previously I’d been with my old dentist for over 12 years. I’m seriously in love with this amazing team!! Talk about state of the art equipment, gentle, and so thorough! I’m a horrible grinder and clencher and he told me things No dentist had ever told me before!! If your in SCV this should be your dentist!!!!
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Leigh B.
This is the first dental office I’ve ever felt comfortable in!! All the employees are also very nice and friendly.
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Dr. Edwards and his staff are caring and efficient. I have only had good experiences at 360 Dentistry.
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Nancy Chancellor
This office was great! Very clean and the dentist was very detailed on her treatment plan.
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Lorena Douille
Dr Edwards, the hygienists and the entire office staff are so caring and gentle! Our family has found a new dentist!
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Angela Kim

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