Silly Easter Photo Contest!

Silly Easter Photo Contest!

Happy Easter! Here at Three Sixty Dentistry, we love getting into the spirit of this fun holiday. This year, Rose’s mom made a fantastic bunny head mask. We invite all to come into our office and have a photo taken wearing the bunny head.

Strike your funniest pose when you have your photoshoot because the silliest photo will win a prize! Your photo will be mounted on the wall with the other silly Easter photos. As Easter is this Sunday, today (April 14) is the last day of the contest. If you care to enter our contest, come by our office today!

Photo from Easter photo contest

Easter Candy: The Good, The Bad, and The Sticky

With Easter coming up, you may be wondering what candies are best and worst for your child’s smile. Believe it or not, chocolate is a good candy for the smile because it washes off easily. It does not cling to the teeth as some candies do. Chocolate Easter bunnies are a good choice! Sticky or gummy candies, like jelly beans, can be bad for the teeth.

Because they are gummy, they stick to the teeth, which gives bacteria time to work on the tooth. If your child has sticky candy, make sure they clean their teeth soon after eating it. Another candy to be wary of is sour candy. This type of candy is very acidic, so it can weaken the tooth enamel. Sour candy can cause even more damage if it is sticky or coated in sugar.

Visit us enter the easter photo contest

We encourage you to visit our office today to enter our Easter photo contest and to schedule a visit with Dr. Brian Edwards, DDS. Our dentist and team in Santa Clarita, California, are excited to see you and your family!