10 reasons why you should care about gum health

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At least 80% of American adults have gum inflammation/disease. Bacteria in your mouth travel to other parts of your body through your bloodstream. Gum disease increases pancreatic and kidney cancer risk by 62% Research has found an association between rheumatoid arthritis and gum disease. People with gum disease are twice as likely to die from… Read more »

Who is your dental hygienist?

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  10 reasons why the dental hygienists at Three Sixty Dentistry provide the best care: Seat patients on time Gentle Caring Honest Promote prevention Value long term patient relationships Spend an hour with each patient Are certified and trained to improve gum health with lasers Track your gum measurements each appointment to be pro-active Provide… Read more »

The Effects of a Tooth Infection on Your Overall Health

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You may have heard the news story about the 26-year-old man who died from a tooth infection spreading to his lungs. This is not only a tragic tale, but a warning to us all. Vadim Anatoliyevich started complaining of a toothache about two weeks before his death. Anatoliyevich was a truck driver travelling from California… Read more »