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Thank you so much for tagging us in your Make March Matter posts in the month of March. With your help we were able to raise $200 to donate to Children’s Hospital LA!!

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What is Fluorosis?

Have you noticed spots or streaks on your child’s teeth? They may be white or brown in color, and they may be the result of a condition known as fluorosis. Before you start to worry, fluorosis is not a threat to your child’s teeth or overall health. It is a

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Preventing Tooth Decay

Did you know, teeth have a protective outer layer called enamel? It’s true! Tooth enamel is harder than your natural bones and protects your tooth much like a football helmet. However, despite the strength of your tooth enamel, it does need proper care and protection from foods or drinks with

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Understanding EvoraPro®

Probiotics are healthy bacterial strains that help your body stay healthy. Oral diseases like gum disease throw off the natural balance of healthy bacteria. By taking EvoraPro® every day, you help rebuild your mouth’s healthy fauna, which can help protect your mouth and gums from decay and help to whiten

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