The Right Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

The Right Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

There’s no more vital time to eat right than when you’re expectant, since what you eat can greatly impact the health of your growing baby.

By consuming the right kinds of foods, you will help your baby grow stronger, healthier teeth.

You can use the tips below to ensure your food choices are the right choices for your health and the health of your child.

Just like always, eating many kinds of foods is a good idea during pregnancy.


By choosing different foods, you can help your baby obtain nutrients significant to strong health and growth. Do your utmost to eat a diet of foods with lower amounts of sugar; sugary foods build up plaque, which can cause tooth decay. Additionally, look for foods with folic acid, a substance that can lower your risk for birth defects.

Limit Sugary and Acidic Foods

While many foods will help you maintain good oral hygiene, there are some foods — specifically extra-sugary ones — that will hurt your oral health. In addition to looking for good foods, try to avoid foods like soda, sports drinks, cookies, cakes, jams, and condiment sauces. Keeping these types of foods out of your diet will keep excess amounts of plaque from building up on your teeth, helping you avoid the onset of dental diseases like tooth decay and gum disease.

Snacking Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Here’s one last consideration you should make about eating when pregnant: by spacing snacktimes throughout your day, you can reduce the sickening effects of nausea that you might experience during your pregnancy.

Deciding to snack often is okay, but we hope if you do so you’ll brush your teeth often; snacking more builds more plaque, which may harm your teeth and gums if left to sit for too long.

Dental Care During Pregnancy

At our dental practice, we know how important these developmental months are to the health of your child.

When you come into our office for an appointment, Dr. Brian Edwards, DDS will take special time to review with you how to maintain your oral health during pregnancy, helping you leave with confidence about your health.

If you’re pregnant, please schedule your next appointment with our caring dentist in Santa Clarita, California, by phoning us now at 661-254-4000.

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