Covid-19 Precautions: Three Sixty Dentistry Cares About Your Safety

Covid-19 Precautions: Three Sixty Dentistry Cares About Your Safety

While we have always made infection control a top priority, your team at Three Sixty Dentistry is taking extra precautions recommended by infection control agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American Dental Association, and the California Department of Public Health.

When you arrive, we ask that you call us (661)254-4000 to reduce the number of patients in the office to allow for physical distancing.  One guardian or caretaker is allowed with you if necessary.  Upon entry, you will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms, given hand sanitizer, and then have your temperature taken. 

The front desk has sneeze guards on the counters and hand sanitizer is placed throughout the dental office. Masks are required.  The pens are separated into clean and dirty jars.  The reception area is disinfected throughout the day.   When you are brought back to your treatment room, we ask that you use hand sanitizer again and rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide for 1 minute to reduce bacterial and viral levels within your mouth.

Each day, when our team members arrive to work, they are temperature screened and complete a questionnaire to ensure they are healthy and safe to treat patients.  The team now wears scrubs, plastic medical shoes (which allow for disinfecting), gowns, face shields, hair nets, and N95 masks with surgical masks over them.  Dr. Brian and Dr. Jenney change lab coats and masks when they leave a treatment room and when they do an exam in the hygiene room.

Aerosol production has also been reduced with the addition of air purifiers with UV and HEPA filters in every room.  The tree branches in the ceiling of the reception room were removed to ensure the air quality is healthy.  We utilize ADS extraoral vacuum units and DryShield intraoral evacuation systems during patient treatment.  Each bag of instruments has two color indicators that are verified for proper sterilization prior to opening.  Plastic barriers are placed over each instrument tray, the suction, and air water syringes. After every patient, the treatment rooms are sprayed with EPA approved disinfectant Cavicide, then wiped down with Cavicide, then sprayed again with Cavicide, and is left to dry for maximum effectiveness.

Our ultrasonic bath is new and the two autoclaves are tested weekly to ensure proper levels are maintained.  Our water bottles are filled with Arrowhead distilled water and have water purifying tablets as well.

These precautions bring us confidence and comfort in knowing that we are doing everything possible to provide you a safe environment and keep you smiling!

Our office is here for you if you have any questions or concerns.  Take care and stay healthy!


Dr. Brian, Dr. Jenney, Christy, Elly, Taylor, Kelli, Brandie, Kandice, and Sandra

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