Understanding EvoraPro®

Understanding EvoraPro®

Dr. Brian T. Edwards and our skilled dental team understand the powerful connection between the health of the mouth and the health of the body.

Pain in the mouth often leads to overall feelings of ill health, and some oral diseases can lead to diseases elsewhere.

We are dedicated to your oral health, which is why we provide and recommend EvoraPro® oral probiotics.

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How Probiotics Enhances Oral Health

Probiotics are healthy bacterial strains that help your body stay healthy. Oral diseases like gum disease throw off the natural balance of healthy bacteria. By taking EvoraPro® every day, you help rebuild your mouth’s healthy fauna, which can help protect your mouth and gums from decay and help to whiten your teeth.

This supplement makes gum disease treatments such as root scaling and planing much more effective. Those treatments remove malignant bacteria from your teeth and gums, but do nothing to prevent their return.

Dissolving a tablet in your mouth allows the good bacteria to adhere to your teeth below the gumline, competing with the bad bacteria and occupying the space and eating the nutrients they used to eat. When done regularly, this can restore the correct balance of oral bacteria and increase your oral health.

Consult Our Expert Team About EvoraPro®

If you are undergoing gum disease treatment or simply want a leg up on building ideal oral health, ask our dentist, Dr. Edwards, in Santa Clarita, California, about EvoraPro® oral probiotics. Our friendly staff is always happy to address any questions or concerns you have pertaining to your oral care.