What is Fluorosis?

What is Fluorosis?

Have you noticed spots or streaks on your child’s teeth? They may be white or brown in color, and they may be the result of a condition known as fluorosis. Before you start to worry, fluorosis is not a threat to your child’s teeth or overall health.

It is a condition caused by too much fluoride in your child’s system. It causes spots or streaks on your child’s teeth. In most cases, the effects of fluorosis are not even noticeable by most people, and in many cases, the only person who will detect is our dentist, Dr. Edwards during your child’s dental appointment.

The Impact of Fluorosis on Teeth

Fluorosis only affects teeth that have not yet erupted and will have no effect on teeth that have already come in. It is only a cosmetic problem and can be easily corrected by our dentist. If it occurs on your child’s molars, nothing needs to be done. If your family uses toothpaste that contains fluoride, and if your city or town fluoridates the water, you are more than likely getting enough fluoride, but your dentist can determine the amount of fluoride you need at your next visit.

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